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On-site Tutoring

Our on-site tutoring is usually done in our office. The system we use was designed for one-on-one tutoring. That means one tutor works with just one student at a time.

A dyslexic student must get at least 2 hours of one-on-one tutoring each week in order to close the skills gap. More than 2 hours a week is fine, but less than that will not work.

A tutoring session should not last longer than an hour. But instead of two 1-hour sessions, you could do three 45-minute sessions or even four 30-minute sessions.

Remote Online Tutoring

We also take remote tutoring over the internet.

Sometimes there is no qualified dyslexia specialist in your area, or a family’s schedule requires more flexibility. We can offer the same quality one-on-one tutoring online.

In general, we offer this service to students over the age of 10.  If you have a younger child who is highly attentive and focused, online tutoring may be an option for them as well.

Equipment Needed

Online tutoring should take place in a distraction-free, quiet area of your home. Please ensure that other siblings, pets, etc. are occupied in another location during the tutoring session.

You will need:

  • A high-speed internet connection
  • A computer with a webcam, Chromebooks and Tablets are not compatible for Remote Online Tutoring
  • Download Zoom from
  • Headphones are required for the student who receives regular online tutoring, but if a student is occasionally doing online tutoring, it is optional.

Remote tutoring can be successful for many students. However, young children and those students who struggle with ADD/ADHD or other attention issues do best with in person tutoring.